Shouldn't change of NS go smooth?

I changed my NS to Cloudflare about 9 hours ago. When I woke up my site was down. I have the same records for both and on Cloudflare and my old DNS. Switched back in panic.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

NS should be a transparent changeover.

I see you have it currently set to one dot com name servers, but I can’t reach or the www. nor look up IP addresses.

To make the change, make super sure all DNS records match. To be extra safe, make sure all DNS entries are set to :grey:. Then when you make the name server change, it should work just like before.

Once that’s all set, you can :orange: your web domains.

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Thank you. I tried to :grey: and it seems to be working during the transition period.

It doesn’t work anymore. Now people are getting “unknown host” when they try to ping the domain. Both with and without www. Any suggestions?

It could be improperly set name servers. Can you post a screen shot of the Name Servers section of your Cloudflare DNS screen?

What’s the domain?

The problem was with the registrar PIN. They had an error in their system which made it impossible to disable DNSSEC for their customers, even though it looked like it was already disabled in the control panel. It was a series of errors from their side since I asked specifically about DNSSEC, and they just blamed Cloudflare.

I went straight with Cloudflare paid plan and got in contact with customer support. Cloudflare provided me with technical details which I handed over to my old registrar and the issue was fixed a few hours after that.

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