Should you still pay close attention to jpg compression when finalizing assets if you use Polish?

Our site is using Polish and converting jpg to webp just fine.
Before we had this we had paid close attention to our compression settings and even used Kraken io to optimize image compression for a good file size to image quality ratio.
If we use Polish do we still need to pay attention to that or can we just use the least amount of compression when we finalize our assets and then let Polish do the rest?

Not the same compression level, for sure.

I stopped using any compression plugin or something. Mostly before I or we upload things, use IrfanView and it’s compression level, however most of us in job leave it to the Polish and Lossy + WebP and leverage the time and CPU process from our origin host/server which is done at Cloudflare edge.

You don’t, but if you’re considering to get the best possible score of some of the online tools for Page Load Time measurement, then you should.

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