Should you enable proxying for Cloudfare Pages static sites?

I’m a little confused as to what’s the best thing to do here.

I’m hosting a static site on Cloudflare Pages, and as far as I understand, Pages already distributes the site across the CDN and edge, and it also has built-in SSL. Does enabling further proxying via cloudflare DNS do anything, or just potentially slow the site down?

I know it has one drawback - it caches some stuff so when I push changes to the site, the old one is still cached. The docs don’t give much info about this, so I was wondering if anyone knew the best practice. I’m inclined to say putting it behind a proxy wouldn’t really do anything, but am not sure.

By definition, it’s already proxied. There’s nothing more to do. As far as caching, from what I see a redeploy refreshes everything.

It removes a CNAME lookup and hides the platform it’s being hosted on. I believe it also allows for Workers to run on top of it, while they can’t run otherwise.

Caching, I feel it’s not an issue, as @sdayman said.

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