Should we use the Wordpress Cache plugin on a wordpress site with Cloudflare installed?

Friends often say that everyone should use the Cache plugin. When I look at Google’s own content, there isn’t much explanation about it. Even Wordpress gives a warning that you do not have an active Cache plugin, but when I activate the Cache plugin, I feel that the site is slowing down.

I had so many questions in my mind;

(I tried turning off all settings except the cache setting in the caching plugins.)

I use WordPress caching plugin for WordPress such as WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache depending on the hosting type, however the Page Cache function is good to have it configured at the origin host/server.
Therefore, running Cloudflare over that instasnce.
Nevertheless, depending a bit on the server itself, there are other ways to optimized the PHP and stuff to execute the requests better and work faster.
Without Page Cache, some web hosting can get overloaded while we’re having like 100s of visitors per day.
That’s where it does help a lot.

The otherway would be to use APO for WordPress from Cloudflare which is great too.

I’d say yes, we should use.


My server supports Litespeed and I use the LiteSpeed Cache plugin at default settings. After activating the plugin, I think my site opens a little bit later. (I don’t have much speed problems)

  • Could Cloudflare Minify be slowing down HTML, JSS, CSS?

-I share 3 pieces of content a day at different times. After each content is shared, cookies change, that is, they are deleted. I am sharing content again until the cookies are optimized, so does the cache plugin make sense?

(The thing I’m most curious about) ;

Is APO a caching plugin? So when we use the APO plugin, is it okay if we don’t use other cache plugins?

While installing Litespeed, it warned that it might conflict with the Cloudflare plugin, so I removed the Cloudflare plugin.

Is Cloudflare Wordpress (API) Plugin a cached plugin? So when we use this plugin, there is no need for the others, right? (And can’t FREE accounts use APO?)

If you use APO then you don’t really need another cache plugin behind it. When I’ve run Wordpress I tried using both APO and WP-SuperCache at the same time and there didn’t seem to be any reason to use SuperCache.

You can use APO on a free account, yes; it’s billed separately from your Cloudflare plan so you can just pay the $5 for that.


Does the “Install Cache Plugin” warning persist in Wordpress Alerts when using the APO plugin?

Example : Screenshot by Lightshot

As I recall it does not persist.

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