Should the CNAME record "" be on Proxied (or) DNS only

I added CNAME record “” on Cloudflare DNS to verify my domain on Bing.

I heard many DNS records may reduce website speed in milliseconds. (

So which of the following is better:-

CNAME 5ca4e16d79df46175401a87… :orange: (Automatic TTL) Proxied
CNAME 5ca4e16d79df46175401a87… :grey: (TTL 1 day) DNS Only

So (Automatic TTL) Proxied or (TTL 1 day) DNS Only?

It should be :grey:, otherwise it wont validate as it will be hidden behind the proxy.

But it has validated even in ‘Proxied’ status.

In that case it wont have been for validation. What is your question then however?

My question is,
Does adding many DNS records slowdown a website (even in milliseconds)?
You can see the CNAME record is not so important - Giving higher TTL value will make them in cache right?
(Automatic TTL) Proxied, is the better one for speed?

I care about every millisecond :slight_smile:

First of all, you dont need to care about every millisecond :wink:

Second, it really doesnt matter in this context. If you care about every millisecond you probably want to avoid the proxy and as you probably dont need to “protect” Microsoft’s infrastructure, it might be the best choice to keep that record :grey:. But again, it doesnt matter.

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