Should NS point to Cloudfare or Siteground?

I recently switched to Siteground from Bluehost. I changed my NS to Siteground. I then added Cloudfare and they want to have the NS point to them. Since the switch to Siteground, I now have the following error on my site: Error: cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: www.***.com (http_request_failed). Siteground support says I need to switch my NS to them. So which is it? Does NS need to be Siteground or Cloudfare? And what will fix that error? Thanks

You can do either way.

You can host your site on Siteground and add Cloudflare within Siteground’s cPanel. It’s called a partner setup.

If you’d rather have control of Cloudflare’s features on CF dashboard, you’d need to set it directly with Cloudflare, in which case you’d need to have your DNS migrated to Cloudflare.

Ok, thanks. I think I will switch the NS back to Siteground and see if that clears up my error on my website.

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