Should I worry if I decide to delete all AAAA records (IPv6) of my domains?



Hi there!
I’m a Cloudflare partner, and I have several domains added.
All of theme were added with IPv4 and IPv6 support, that is, all of them have A and AAAA records, and my server is listening on both ipv4 and ipv6.

For a specific reason (regarding to my internal app), I need to remove all the AAAA records and eliminate the server IPv6. Should I expect connectivity issues to the websites?

The way I see it, the change should be transparent and shouldn’t impact on the user. That’s because Cloudflare still offers IPv6 connectivity, even without having to really configure AAAA records. I mean, if my server isn’t listening on IPv6, Cloudflare will still offer IPv6 connectivity to end users (and the connection to the server is made through IPv4).

Of course, after deleting all the AAAA records, I would wait a few hours letting the change to replicate, and only then I would stop listening on ipv6 on the server. So, I think the change should be transparent.

Am I right? Should I expect any problem? What do you think?

Thanks in advance!

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