Should i use autopmize

i am new to using cloufare so I am not sure if i should use autoptmize with cloudfare with my site. i cannot find out if this is a good idea or a bad idea. i have read people have had problems, so just wondering if it is worth the hasle using it to speed up my site

There are many optimization features in Cloudflare. May I know which one you are referring to?

autoptimize has nothing to do with cloudflare and cloudflare has nothing to do with your host to.
So, you can and should use autoptimize to optimize your site before it cached by cloudflare. There are many option autoptimize offer that cloudflare dont.
I’ve been used autoptimize with cloudflare (proxied) and it’s work like a charm

Thanks @huyhoa, now I know Autoptimize is a WordPress plugin.

Lol, it’s famous one for optimize css and js in Wordpress.

But it increase cached size and disk size too.

i am using newspaper theme and it says that i should use a cdn like cloudflare and then it says to also use autopmize with wp super cache to make the site faster. at the moment my site is running slow so i decided to use cloudflare and it is still showing the same slow results. i am very new to all this, so please do excuse me

thank you

can i ask where is the best place to visit to see the correct settings for autopmize

Autoptimize is a plugin that has as its main function to aggregate the JS and CSS files to reduce the number of requests to your server at each visit. Cloudflare has a product that somehow overlaps with this specific function, called Rocket Loader, which you can turn on at the Speed app > Optimization.

It’s very hard to assess which would generate better results for any given site, since each WP installation is a unique combination of theme + plugins (not to mention the server environment where it’s installed, Apache, nginx, LiteSpeed etc).

What I suggest is that you test each solution with (1) with Autoptimize, but not Rocket Loader; (2) with Rocket Loader, but not AO; (3) with both. Run several tests using different pages of your site and you should be able to tell witch gives your visitors a faster page loading. Remember to always purge all caches between each test.


For my Wordpress auto installer, autoptimize plugin is installed by default combined with my autoptimize gzip companion plugin to serve pre-gzip/brotli compressed autoptimized css/js files on my Nginx origin server.

pre-gzip/brotli compressed css/js is much faster for transfer between CF edge and origin

Pre-Gzip Compressed Benchmarks

For Nginx users, gzip_static directive allows Nginx to serve pre-gzip compressed versions of static files if they’re detected. How much faster are pre-gzip compressed static file serving with Nginx ? Benchmarks show that Centmin Mod Nginx with default Cloudflare performance forked zlib library at level 5 gzip dynamic compression resulted in 21,906 requests/s . Pre-gzip compressed files with Centmin Mod Nginx with Cloudfare performance zlib library at level 5 gzip compression, resulted in 72,443 requests/s . Yes 3.3x times faster !

Besides the smaller sizes for pre-gzip compressed static file at 3.79KB versus on the fly dynamic compressed file size of 4.12KB, also check out the average and max latency of requests. Pre-gzip compressed files had almost 64% faster average latency and 56.4% faster max latency times !

Works fine with Cloudflare on my blog at :slight_smile:


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