Should I set up new account or change e-mail or?

I’ve been helping a friend set up an art website and used my own Cloudflare account to config her CF SSL and CF CDN. However, she’s interested in more advanced features in the PRO and other paid accounts. I haven’t set up my own (hobby) site on CF yet, but was planning to, possibly along with a small site for one of my kids.

Since it appears that I can have multiple domains on a single account, I’m wondering if a single PRO subscription ($25/mo) applies across all domains on the account or if it has to be paid for each one?

I thought about just changing the e-mail / login on my account to her e-mail (thereby turning the whole account over to her and just her domain) and then setting up a new account for my own stuff, but I read here that if you’ve used an e-mail to create an account once, you can’t use it again.


Pro and Business subscriptions are per domain, not per account.

You should definitely move your friend’s domain to an account under her control. You might invite her to the existing account, grant her super administrator permission and see if your account can be removed using hers. I haven’t had a chance to test this yet. I have successfully changed the email used on an account on more than one occasion.

I have heard that the past condition that prevented a previous email address from being used to create an account has been resolved. I don’t have any supporting reference handy to share.

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