Should I retain all detected DNS records in new CNAME setup?

Hello, I am just setting up a new client with a CNAME setup; Cloudflare has detected all the public DNS records during the onboarding process.

Do I need to retail all these records in CF given that I will only need the one cname/a record to point to my webserver?

Thanks, Stuart.

It’s completely up to you and your host to determine which DNS records you need for your domain. I suggest you take a screenshot before you make any changes. They’re easy to put back if something breaks.

Thanks for the reply. I have taken a backup but I would rather not wait for things to ‘break’.

I guess my question is, does CF require those DNS records to be in both CloudFlare and Authorative DNS provider.

Cloudflare is your Authoritative DNS provider. (unless you’ve delegated away NS for a subdomain…which is unlikely)

It’s a CNAME setup as I am unable to move my NS to Cloudflare.

Authoritative DNS

Cloudflare DNS
CNAME www >
A >

Oh…CNAME setup. I’ve never done one of those. I think @matteo or another @MVP has, but most of them are asleep by now.

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Not really yet, but I didn’t do one :slight_smile:

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I think I have done one in the past! I believe you will at least need some records for it to function, definitely something pointing to your server for the hostname being used. You probably won’t need all the records, though. Definitely none for any other hostnames that are not going through Cloudflare.

If no one else knows for sure, I will test it tomorrow on a demo domain and follow up here. Can you share a rough outline of the records you have so I could somewhat match your setup, if needed?

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As far as I understand, you only need the records in Cloudflare that Cloudflare will handle when using a CNAME setup as nobody will be asking Cloudflare about any other records anyway.


Thank you brains trust :slight_smile:

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So now for my followup:

Does the “CNAME Setup” work just like a regular +Add Site? It scans all the client domain’s records to add into your own…zone? That would imply that someone else’s domain records would be intermingled with your Biz/Ent zone that’s hosting the CNAME setup. The docs don’t imply this.

It’s a regular site in Cloudflare, when you enable the CNAME setup option it seems to just activate without the nameservers being switched (more or less, anyway, from what I can see).

Once that is done you can set up DNS records (at the authoritative host) like CNAME

This all assumes the site is — you add the same site that you want to host, just like normal.

Since you go through the normal setup you (sadly still) can’t bypass the DNS record detection from the dashboard, so it’ll add tons of useless records, they can be ignored or deleted as nobody will ask Cloudflare anyway. But Cloudflare will get asked about the CNAME alias so it needs to have that record.

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Then how do you connect to your Biz/Ent zone? Or is that what Support does when you ask them to do the setup for you? And, if so, the new zone has a full set of rules and settings independent of the Biz/Ent zone it’s tied to?

You add it like normal. Like would be the client’s site, so that’s the domain you add in Cloudflare.

A CNAME setup alone won’t let you cross domains (well, not any more then you can normally CNAME across domains, so within a single account anyway, or with Enterprise goodness across accounts, but this part does require support to add the entitlement and maybe even configure).

But with the regular CNAME setup you just add the domain you’re going to host to Cloudflare as normal, ignore the prompt to change nameservers, activate the plan, and enable CNAME setup.


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