Should I remove the WordPress Cloudflare plugin

I reached out to WP Engine, and their support team offered me a generic, “Why not copy the site to staging, deactivate the plugin, and see what happens?”

I suppose that’s one solution, but I was hoping to find a recommended ‘best practice’ for a WordPress site with the Cloudflare Plugin installed. Once we activate the ‘advanced network’ from WP Engine is the Cloudflare plugin even necessary? Is it ignored? What is the best practice recommendation?

The plugin pretty much does one thing. Purge Cache for site changes. There’s some preloading and other somewhat less noticeable stuff. Plus there’s APO.

If you’re using APO, I don’t know if that’s compatible with WP Engine’s setup. If you’re not using APO, you can probably get by just fine without the plugin.

I’m really not a fan of letting anybody else “leverage Cloudflare” for me.

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