Should I recreate my redirects?

I created a bulk redirect following the instructions provided by Cloudflare. It did not specify if I should use http or https. Afterwards I received a message from their support saying that I should have left both off and used this instead:

Source URL:
Target URL:

Seems I cannot edit my list of 30 bulk redirects. Support said I can open the list and add to it. My question is, if I do this using the correct syntax, will I overwrite the redirects I made or cause another redirect for the same URL? I don’t want to slow down my sites with too many redirects.

Support has not answered my question. Can anyone help?

You can’t edit existing entries. You’d have to delete them and re-add them correctly.

Please tell me how to delete them. That is the one thing that tech support could have told me I can do when I asked how to edit them, but they did not mention deleting.

Use the checkboxes:

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Thank you!!! Duh, I didn’t check the box, so I didn’t see the remove button. UGH!


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