Should I proxy DNS subdomains that have to do with email accounts


I am new to cloudflare. I am trying to set it up. Initially I proxied all my DNS records (including the ones that have to do with email account [A: A:]. When I did so, all my email accounts stopped working in email clients. I have disabled proxy for those email DNS records, and my email accounts are working again. Anyhow, I understand that if the menctioned records are nos proxied, then they are a threat. Should I proxy them or not? If not, is this a risk?


Anything that is not strictly web related (e.g. mail) should not be proxied. The proxies only handle HTTP traffic, unless you are having Spectrum of course.

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Ok. So basically, calendar, cpanel, email, ftp etc records should not be proxied. To my understanding, that is a risk, but there is nothing I can do to solve it, correct?

PD: Thanks allot!

It does not so much depend on the name but rather on the services you are using. “ftp” traditionally is used for FTP and that would not work via the proxies. Should you use it for something HTTP related, then you could certainly proxy it.

The only thing an unproxied record does is not route requests via the proxies and hence directly “expose” its address publicly (as to “hide” it behind the proxies).

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