Should I proxy both my A record, as well as the WWW CNAME?

This might sound really dumb, but I can’t find anything on google related to this. I’ve been using Cloudflare for the longest time, but it just occured to me today that maybe I’m doing things wrong. I currently have both the A record pointing at my IP, as well as the “WWW” CNAME set for “PROXY” is this going to hurt anything? I use additional subdomains, some that I don’t want Proxied, so I suppose that I should only actually set the WWW record for proxying, and let the A record be “DNS ONLY”…is this sound?

Thanks in advance!

In which way?

If you enabled proxying, the records will resolve to Cloudflare’s proxies which will then proxy requests on to your server. That’s the minimum requirement for any of the Cloudflare features, otherwise you’d be only using their DNS service.

Only thing to consider, because it is tunnelled through the proxies, the client IP addresses which will show up on your server won’t be the actual clients’ but rather those of the proxies → Restoring original visitor IPs – Cloudflare Help Center

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