Should I Minify/Combine CSS/JS/HTML in both LiteSpeed Cache and Cloudflare?

Hi everyone, I’d like to ask something regarding plugin conflicts.

I use Litespeped Cache plugin in WP and also connect my domain to Cloudflare. In Cloudflare settings, I turn on minify css/js/html.

Should I turn on the same features in Litespeed Cache (they also can minify combine CSS/JS/HTML) or Cloudflare can override it all and manage my site performance well?

Thanks in advance.

It’s best to just let Cloudflare do it. WPJohnny is a big OLS fan and recommends to let the CDN (or Cloudflare) handle it if that’s an option.

Thank you. Just checked out his blog. Really like the way he wraps up everything in short explanations, unlike the long analysis often seen on the Internet. Of course, he must have gained a name in the market in order to do that.

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