Should I enable HTTP/2?

Hey guys,

My website supports HTTP/2. I’m using Siteground as host.
Should I turn on HTTP/2 in my CF dashboard?

I read somewhere that once Railgun is turned ON there’s no need to enable HTTP/2?


HTTP/2 should already be on, with no option to turn it off. And that’s good.

That doesn’t make sense. Railgun is for the connection between Cloudflare and your origin server. That HTTP/2 setting is for your visitors.

The HTTP/2 option is turned off for me in my CF dashboard- Network tab.

Should I enable it?
Then I also saw that WP ROCKET recommends not to combine CSS and Java files when HTTP/2 is turned on.

WP Rocket reminds you to not activate file concatenation if your site runs on HTTP/2

What’s better in terms of performance? Should I keep the CSS and Javascript files combining on and HTTP/2 turned off or the opposite?

Is it risky to keep them both turned on?

If yours looks like mine, it’s on.

You MIGHT see a minor perf improvement if you do some combining due to more efficient compression. But really only tweak this if you are a performance nerd who is good at coding, testing, etc.

Otherwise, don’t worry too much about combining files, just don’t try to send 100 files at once :wink:

edit: If you can just flip a switch, you can try to speed test with the combining on & off. But try to turn on HTTP2 as a default.

I feel stupid :slight_smile: It’s turned on. Thanks for the heads up.


It’s not very clear since it doesn’t look active with a pretty color like the others.


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