Should I enable caching on web app with dynamic results?


I am a happy CloudFlare Pro customer for my web application, however i would like to express you my concern. I have a web application called TrackerWay, where clients login and see the location of their vehicles in real time. You can get an example of my web application here (

Once the clinet login, the web application get many details of his vehicles, which are stored in MySQL. The structure of my web app is following:

  1. HomePage:
  2. After success login, the URL is: stays like this (all the content is loaded below).

I have choose to Bypass the caching in the URL*, because i think that it will hurt my web app (maybe the caching won’t work well?).

However i have some clients from foreign countries, that don’t get very good loading times! Will you recommend me to enable the caching on this page or not? What is your opinion?

Thank you!

No. Absolutely not. You shouldn’t cache any PHP page that’s dynamic user data. Your bypass URL of /tracking/* isn’t going to bypass tracking.php because you put a slash after “tracking”. Try bypassing for*

You don’t need the HTTP/S out front, and tracking* will match .php and anything else that might go on the end of that.

The good news is that most of the content it static. But it looks like you’ve disabled Cloudflare cache for those files. Your site would be much, much faster if you let Cloudflare cache those files on the Edge nodes.

Thanks for the reply. I believe my best solution would be to deactivate this rule, so the CloudFlare will cache the content on a standard way!

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