Should I disable the CDN of GoDaddy?


My site ( is hosted in Godaddy (managed WordPress). In GoDaddy, I can see an option to enable disable CDN. I believe it’s the default CDN of GoDaddy. Recently, I changed my nameserver record from GoDaddy to Cloudflare.

My question is, should I disable the CDN feature of GoDaddy? Or, should I leave it as it is (By default it is active)



I’m not familiar with GoDaddy in particular, but I would probably leave it enabled unless there are any costs or other negatives.

Each Cloudflare POP will need to connect to the origin to retrieve content, GoDaddy’s CDN may host the content somewhat closer to each Cloudflare POP, but the impact will be fairly minimal, and depending on how GoDaddy’s CDN works it actually is possible that this would hurt performance slightly.

Thank you so much for your response.

If I enable the CDN, it serves the images from secureservercdn - kindly see this -

If I disable it, the same image is served directly from the server

In either case, I don’t see anything about Cloudflare.

So, I am a bit confused if it is working.

Ahh okay, if they are distributing content using a hostname that isn’t in your domain then it will bypass Cloudflare. I’d probably disable it if your intention is to use Cloudflare.

The domain mentioned is using Cloudflare’s nameservers, so as long as you are using :orange: DNS records, Cloudflare will be proxying traffic and automatically applying the caching mechanism.

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