Should I Disable SSL

Hi, I am trying to migrate my host from GoDaddy to hostinger , should I disable the SSL until the migration is done.? As per my knowledge, it disables the login of previous host if kept ON.

Please suggest.
Thanks in advance.

During major migrations, I advise you use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from that domain’s Overview page at It’s in the lower right corner of that page. Once you get the site up and running with HTTPS on the new server, then you can un-pause Cloudflare.


Thank you. But if I pause the cloudflare, will I be able to update the IP address in the DNS ?

Absolutely! Cloudflare’s service is built upon the DNS records it manages on your behalf.

Thank you for your quick response.

Sorry to bother you again. I have one doubt. I already have domain and added it’s dns to cloudfare. So when I migrate to hostinger, 1st is I will change the IP and then I just need to update hostinger nameservers on the cloudflare. Will I be able to do it if I have paused cloudflare?

Hi @rpreetir9

When you move from GoDaddy to Hostinger, normally you migrate all data, test on a test URL ( provided by Hostinger if available ) and if you are moving mail, its a bit more todo :slight_smile:

As @sdayman said, temporarily pause Cloud Flare during a major migration.

Before changing records to win time:

Lower the TTL for the current A, CNAME records, to switch with minimum downtime in case something went wrong or to see your changes.

Note down your old and new IP addresses for your WEBserver, Mailservers, SPF, DKIM and double check the new A,MX, SPF and other records.

Please note that you need to change the SPF record if you are mailing from your webserver like a contact form.

Have a good day!

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