Should I deactivate w3 total cache (a2 optimized version)

The tile says it all, I think. My site is hosted by a2 hosting, and they install a premade verion of w3 total cache. Should I deactivate this?

Short answer, it depends.

Does it create any issues so far with your WordPress Website?

Do you use WooCommerce plugin too?

W3 Total Cache is compatible with Cloudflare, and works great in combination with Page cache and other settings.
Moreover, you can setup Page Rules at Cloudflare dashboard for even better caching performance.

Whenever I activate it, it does seem to create issues. But this is most likely because I so not have it configured correctly. I have it deactivated now, and cloudfare has seemed to speed up my site a little. I will play with it and see if I can figure out the settings. Thank you.

Is cloudflare compatible with amp and pwa? Now, my site it taking longer to load than ever before. Really long. Also, when Initially set it up, there was a walkthrough of the settings, where I selected to minify html, css, and js. But I looked for the settings afterward to try to change them and could not find them anywhere. I clicked on every one of the many icons across the top, but could not find anything about the minify settings.

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