Should I be worried about IPs getting through to server despite page rules?

Hi there,

I’m pretty fresh at this so sorry if this is a common question. Not exactly sure what search terms to whittle down such a broad question.

I have page rules set up so that it geoblocks every country other than Canada/US with a JS Challenge and I also have straight up blocked Russia, China, and Ukraine (cause I was getting a lot of traffic from them I didn’t want).

I’m still seeing from my apache logs that every other day I get a block of about 100 requests to access my phpadmin which is disabled from external access. These IPs are coming from the Asia Pacific network (APNIC) and RIPE (Europe based?), but don’t have any identifiable information about them.

Q1: How are they bypassing the page rules on Cloudflare?
Q2: If they’re able to make requests directly with the server, should I be concerned about other vulnerabilities?
Q3: Should I even worry about this considering the server is already denying the requests?


You mean firewall rules, right?

Can you post a screenshot of your rule as well as the list of rules? The order of rules is important too.

If you have them properly configured such requests should not get to your server, if they still do you either have an incorrect rule setup or they connect directly to your server. In the latter case you’d need to make sure only Cloudflare can connect to it, by configuring your server firewall accordingly. has all the addresses.

Also, a JavaScript challenge won’t block them, but only present a challenge which they can solve.

Sorry yes, I meant firewall rules.

Rule 1 is:
( ne “CA” and ne “US”)
Do a JS Challenge

Rule 2 is:
( eq “CN”) or ( eq “RU”) or ( eq “UA”) or ( eq “IE”)
Completely Block

So far I’ve only had 1 person solve the JS challenge out of 460 in the last 24 hours. To me it seems these IPs are bots, not people because they’re able to make all 100 requests in only the span of 1 second.

You need to switch the rules, also, I would recommend “is in”

( in {"CN" "IE" "RU" "UA"}) -> Block
(not in {"CA" "US"}) -> JS challenge

Right now rule #2 will never fire because of rule #1.

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