Should I add my VPS hosting account (and WHM) to my Cloudflare account?


I’m hosting several Wordpress sites on my VPS server (reseller account from a hosting provider) and running them through Cloudflare. However my VPS hosting account (for example is not running through Cloudflare. I’m seeing a lot of unauthorized login attempts on SSH and ftp on my server. If I add the VPS hosting account to Cloudflare will that allow me to block the unauthorized login attempts on Cloudflare before they get to my server? Will I still be able to access WHM ( and Parallels Power Panel ( Are there any other benefits of doing this? Are there any drawbacks I should consider? Thanks.


Cloudflare doesn’t proxy or protect SSH and FTP ports.

fail2ban is supposed to be able to handle this if you have that on your server.

For my VPS, I have a firewall set up (Vultr and DigitalOcean offer this) to only allow a few IP addresses in for SSH/SFTP.

Here are the ports Cloudflare does proxy, but they’re only for the HTTP protocol:


Thanks sdayman.

Are there any other benefits/drawbacks to running my VPS account ( through Cloudflare?



Benefits are everything CF offers:

But once again, CF only proxies HTTP services, and then only on some ports.

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Thanks Judge.

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