Should every A record be set to my new IP?

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So, my Cloudflare DNS page shows the important A records for my domain are properly pointed at my new Cloudways IP address.

I was previously on Bluehost. My question is: because many of the A records are still pointed at a Bluehost IP address, what should I do about those additional A records? Should I set them all toward my new Cloudways IP? Or remove them?

My page seems to be loading properly, and shows Cloudflare IPs (properly proxied I believe).

Note, I might be tech savvy though I am not a web/server expert. Any help is much appreciated.

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If you’re completely off BlueHost, then you should delete any “A” records that point to a BlueHost IP address.

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Thanks for your reply. When you say completely what is entailed? I believe I am migrated and my website it loading entirely on Cloudways servers. Bluehost is still my registrar I think.

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Registrars don’t need IP addresses. So if you’re not using Bluehost for email or website, you can get rid of those IP addresses.

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Thank you @sdayman !

I searched high and low, and you answered my question in minutes.

Have a great day! :ohyeah:

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If you have time to answer one more question: there are also a bunch of CNAME records which I believe are lasting from my days with Bluehost. I wonder do you know that it’s probably safe to remove them?

I’m thinking the “cpanel” one for sure can go. Basically, do I really only need the ones which Cloudways wanted me to set up specifically? I am using a new MX record for mail server (which DNSChecker confirms is resolved.)

Thank you in advance, or to anyone who might be able to answer!

First, take a screenshot of your DNS screen in case you delete something you shouldn’t.

If you’re on Cloudways, it’s a safe bet you don’t need any CNAME records. You’re probably not using your Cloudways server for email, and that MX record points to something outside your domain. So that should do it: No CNAME records left over from before.

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