Should DNS point to origin servers or cloudflare's?

The domain is registered with Network Solutions. They point to DreamHost DNS servers. Should Cloudflare be set to point to the Origin DNS (Ie, Dreamhost) or to Cloudflare’s DNS servers??

It should be set to Cloudflare’s DNS to use Cloudflare. The domain will still go to your origin server (the dreamhost hosting you have), just Cloudflare’s DNS will handle it.

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Thanks. A followup. Dreamhost does not show that it recognizes who the registrar is. In trying to straighten out why http2 is not working in Cloudflare, I got this (among two other) advice from Cloudflare:

“Since you have a CNAME set-up, you need to add a verification TXT record to your authoritative DNS before Cloudflare can activate your domain. We couldn’t find a valid verification DNS record for Review How do I do CNAME setup? before filing a Cloudflare Support ticket.”

Actually, the domain is active in Cloudflare. Dreamhost says don’t mess with the DNS unless you know what you’re doing, which I don’t. So, am I supposed to get a verification TXT record from Network Solutions and enter it in Dreamhost, or in Cloudflare?

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