Should Cloudflare NS Match on my DNS Zone


When I WHOIS and DIG my site, it correctly shows my Cloudflare NS. However, when I view it my DNS Zone on my site’s WHM, I still see the original NS:

  1. I did update my SOA to the first NS - any thoughts on doing this?
  2. Should NS records there be my original DNS NS, Cloudflare NS, or does it not matter?

Many thanks!


No worries. WHM’s DNS is now an internal record that’s not presented to the world since you’re using Cloudflare. Just leave it alone.


Ah, yes that’s what I suspected so it’s very good to hear it confirmed.

Would this be also why MXToolbox is salty with my SOA record (bad serial number)? Is there a place to update the SOA in CloudFlare?


Nah Mx toolbox just expects a single format for the serial number which Cloudflare doesn’t use. It is a benign error which can be safely ignored.


I suspected as much. Part of the fun of trial-by-fire learning to admin a server for the first time is wrangling what is important and what can be safely ignored. Thanks @cscharff!