Shoud I have to upload all the time the image?

Hello, I am new to this Cloudflare domain.

1 - Do I have to upload all the time the images if I want to optimize my images on my website, is the image also optimized in a mobile application (not on the mobile web browser but a real mobile application).
2- What is the difference between Cloudflare Image and Cloudflare Image Resizing because according to the documentation both can resize the image by adding parameters (width=xx,height=xx) on the image url.
3- Can we ensure the images uploaded on Cloudflare? or should we also make a backup of images on our server too?


  1. no, there is Polish product that can apply optimization by re-compressing suboptimal images Cloudflare Polish · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs. Available from PRO plans and above.
  2. Cloudflare Images in addition to resizing provides storage, so you don’t need to host images on your infrastructure or any cloud.
  3. If you use Cloudflare Images, we assure durability to be 99.999999999% (eleven 9’s).

What if I don’t want to upload my images to Cloudflare?
For example the link of my images is: ?
How would my image be optimized?

Here is a documentation for Polish Polish compression · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs.
If you have a PRO plan or above and Polish is enabled, all images that is served from Cloudflare CDN will be checked for better compression optimization or different codes, and strip metadata if required.
E.g. Polish can generated WebP variant for a jpeg image and return WebP variant to users with browsers that support it WebP image format | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc.

Note that not all images can be optimized, sometimes WebP can be larger that original and hence it doesn’t make sense to keep WebP in cache.

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Is there a limit on uploading images to Cloudflare or can I still upload ?

sorry, but I didn’t get the question.

If we upload our images to Cloudflare, there is no specific number or limit to how many images I should upload, but we can always upload images regardless of the quantity ?

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