Shorten URL?

Hello, so I am curious if I can have my main store page just be under the domain name of ‘’.

Right now, it is under the link of 'Loading...’ - Is there anyway I can change this to just or Loading... Thanks <3

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That’s primarily a question for your web host/origin, who appears to be Upmind. Cloudflare’s just acting as a proxy and passing everything though. It’s possible you could use some Cloudflare features/tools to achieve this like Workers or Transform Rules but doing it that way is usually super messy and breaks things. They most likely do paths /order/shop like that because it looks like their platform is more then a shop, and the catId (category id) so you can give the link to someone else and they end up on the same place. You can link people directly to and your origin/Upmind takes care of redirecting them to the right place.

Upmind might have some a specific setting so that you could have your shop live on the main page/path and not add the catId if on the default, or you could always ask them to make it so, it’s certainly possible, but all on their end.

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