Short lived certificates and usernames that are treated as “bad” by linux


First question: Am i correct to assume that since the docs says that a is the user for a short lived cert in the email [email protected], and that a corresponding user named a must exist on the system, i am assuming that a user authenticated via google signin and having the email [email protected] will have the user as “a”, not “[email protected]” or the name of the user as shown in the dashboard.

Second Question: in the event where i have a user with an email that cannot or should not be a linux username, like [email protected], what can i do? since i cannot rename users in the dashboard i am unsure on how to proceed. linux tells me i can force it with the flag “—force-badname” but i would like to avoid that if possible.

just gave up and forced baduser.

This is correct

This is the only way that it would be possible. There is no way to map users to anything but their username

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