Shopware Configuration

Hello, everyone,

we are currently moving from our Wordpress platform on which we already use Cloudflae to the Shopware platform. Unfortunately I didn’t find the same question in the forum.
I need help with the settings of Cloudflare.

  1. firewall settings: There are certain rule sets for PHP, Flash, Wordpress, Magento etc… Since they don’t exist for shopware, it would be good to have a short info from you which firewall settings offer the best security for shopware.

  2. speed settings: Which settings make sense for the shop: Polish, Auto Minify, Brotli, HTTP/2 priorization, TCP Turbo, Mirage, Rocket Loader, Railgun or AMP, so that the feature AMP Real URL should be used?

  3. caching settings: The goal is of course to cache as much as possible. Currently we have set caching to default with the setting “Respect existing Headers”.

  4. pagerules: We currently have some page rules to make sure that as much as possible is cached. For example, we have recently changed the setting to “Bypass cache on cookie” so that functions like shopping cart etc. are not cached. In addition, we have set the security level for the Wordpress backend pages to High via page rules in order to slightly increase the security of the page. How should you configure it to get maximum performance and security?

5th Traffic: We currently use Cloudflare Argo to reduce the server response time a little, especially for the many users in the USA and Asia. Load Balancing is deactivated, but how useful would it be if you already use CDN?

Many thanks in advance for answers and suggestions.

Many greetings

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