Shopware 6 + Cloudflare - Installation and settings

Hi there,

we are trying to implement Cloudflare CDN and Image optimizer on our website:

We are using Shopware 6 as CMS and we already tried to use Cloudflare but the loading speed for images was not really good. We are for sure wrong on some settings and we would like to get some help from someone experienced in Shopware and Cloudflare.

Some of the problems:

  1. We load on the CMS an image of 150kb, Cloudflare load the image and the weight is 350kb
  2. Is there any alternative mode to implement Cloudflare expect using plugin?

Can somebody help us please?

Best regards,


is thre someone that can help us?

Can you provide an example of this?
Like a link to the image you are talking about and for comparison also the original image on a non Cloudflare link?

Cloudflare is 100% compatible with Shopware 6, I never had any problems.

For such specific requests please consider hiring someone. Cloudflare does not provide support for Shopware, but just for its own functions. If you can provide a reproducible scenario, we (the community) are more than happy to look into and see if there is a problem on Cloudflare’s side.

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