Shopify within a subdirectory

Has anyone had any experience running shopify within a subdirectory? It was my understanding that using the reverse proxy capabilities of Cloudflare would allow us to do this. Any insight would be helpful.

Sure it should work with page rules.

Set up a subdomain: A 123.456.789.0

Create a pagerule like
Redirect (301)

No magic foo. This is similar to a local vhost configuration.

Thanks for your reply. From what i found through speaking with a few Cloudflare support and sales reps, the only way I can run shopify within a subdirectory is by using their “resolve override” feature available to Enterprise level customers only.

As far as I understood, "Resolve Override is used when the target is hosted on a different server.

You wrote

Which is different from my point of view. I am not familiar with all this shopping foo and assume that it can be installed on premises.

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