Shopify Webhook 403 response

Hey Guys,
I am not 100% sure how to ask this and I have not been able to find an answer through Shopify/Cloudflare forums/support.

I set up a custom subscription app through Shopify and am using webhooks for the purpose of recurring billing.

When we use our URL that is proxied through Cloudflare, we receive a 403 response, see below:

That domain above is through our cloudlfare account.

We changed the URL to a non-cloudflare URL endpoint and began to receive a 200 response:

I have found a few items stating that there is something strange going on with the webhooks through shopify and responses being denied from cloudflare proxied websites.

Has anyone seen this before?

Hi there,

Cloudflare returns a 403 mainly when a security feature is being triggered and blocking or captcha challenging the HTTP request. We also return a 403 if there is a mismatch between the SNI TLS and the Host header.

It is hard for me to say what could be causing this without being able to replicate the request - what I would recommend is replicate this request in a browser - what error do you see?

Do you see a block/captcha page or do you see a generic 403 error - cloudflare page?

If it is a block/captcha page you can use our Firewall Analytics to lookup what security feature could be blocking this - Understanding Cloudflare Firewall Analytics – Cloudflare Help Center

It may also be worth reaching out to Shopify support as they may be more familiar with the caveats required for their services in order to be successful with setting it up via Cloudflare.

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