Shopify store with DNS hosted on Stratos

Hello all,

My setup is this: I’m working on a Shopify store that has a WordPress blog on a subdomain. The webstore is hosted on Shopify, and the blog is hosted on Raidboxes, and the DNS is hosted using Strato. I would like to use CloudFlare on only the WordPress site.

I’ve seen on these forums horror stories of sites going down when changing the Strato NS to CloudFlare’s - can anyone advise what I can do to ensure there’s no downtime?


Hi @zach1,

It depends what plan you are on at Strato and whether you have a fixed IP. The problems with them are normally if they allocate a dynamic IP that changes frequently, this would then have to be updated in Cloudflare.

Thanks for your response domjh :slight_smile:

So I’m not hosting the site on strato, only the domain, so I understand that this should be ok.

I am in fact having another issue now, but I will open a new thread for this.

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