Shopify Site not redirecting

We have been having problems redirecting our domain from Woo to Shopify - all dns updated with new shopify details but URL still showing old woocommerce site.
Shopify have said “I have done a quick check on the Domain using our tools and the only error that is coming up is that the Domain is pointed to Shopify but did not return Shopify header. This is something that the information I have been looking at is saying Cloudflare support will be able to assist you with.”
As we are on free cloudflare plan I cant get chat support, does anyone know what we need to do?


Who was hosting your WC site? If you were using their Cloudflare integration, you’d have to ask them to completely clear your domain from their setup.

Apparently the old host wasn’t using Cloudflare on our domain so unsure how to do that?

If you can’t track down how this was set in the first place, ask Shopify to open a ticket. They’re on an Enterprise Plan with Chat Support and 2 hour response time on tickets. Your DNS points to them, so they should have no problem convincing Cloudflare that they are hosting your website now and need assistance.

I have tried that but the support workers on chat just say the same thing to contact provider ( and that Domain is pointed to Shopify but did not return Shopify header and to contact Cloudflare support.

I’ve been sent in circles by the two of them for over a week now!

They’re not being very helpful. Here are the options (oh, and I stand corrected; Shopify has 1 hour support response time from Cloudflare):

and now to make things worse because i opened up a free cloudflare account - our trade site (on subdomain trade.) has stopped working! saying it is cloudflare’s fault!

On the chat to Shopify now - wish me luck…

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