Shopify page rules don't work

Hello, I am trying to set up a 301 redirect on the Cloudflare using shopify, however, it is not working.

When adding the shopify domain to the Cloudflare, I had to disable the proxy.

This redirect:

will it work without the active proxy?

How will I be able to redirect this traffic to the same domain in a different subfolder?

I created this rule but it doesn’t seem to be active.


Hi @souza.mayque,

Unfortunately, because Shopify use Cloudflare you cannot proxy your site so the page rules won’t work. This is due to The orange to orange problem.


Is there any other way to get this to work?
Even if it’s another software?

There’s nothing you can do at Cloudflare to make that happen. Perhaps you should ask Shopify about this.

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This will be a problem for Google’s SEO as it is migrating to the site.

Just to add some more detail here; currently for any zone wishing to orange-cloud/proxy traffic to Shopify a flag needs to be set on the backend by a Cloudflare SE/CSE to enable what is referred to above, ‘Orange to Orange’… As this is a manual task and requires SE help, these setups have been reserved for Enterprise customers only.

In the coming months we will be removing this requirement allowing any zone to orange cloud/proxy traffic to Shopify providing they are setup as a valid Shopify customer with a URL validated within the Shopify control panel. Watch this space.


Hello, smash.

Thank you for the answer.
I’ve seen this issue extend back to 2019.
Would you know when they will remove this requirement? In which month exactly?


I dont have a month to share, i’m afraid. I’d anticipate it being done by the end of 2021 at the latest.


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