Shopify notification link change with cloudflare redirect problem

Sorry for the spaces in the Shopify words.

S hopify is sending us emails with links to our my s hopify store, as it always has, however s hopify has changed the url links from the S hopify URL my s hopify to our website URL and so the links that are meant to still work are breaking when we click them, and therefore unable to access our s hopify store and any records relating to the notification links.

Instead it re-directs to the website homepage, and not to the my s hopify store URL. S hopify say that Cloudflare support are saying it has something to do with a Cloudflare redirect and recommended we get in touch with with Cloudflare.

To be clear, our S hopify store is xxxx-xxxxxxx my s hopify, and the website is xxxxxxx com au which has all worked for the last 6 years no problems, until some change has been made from S hopify on the 19th April 2023 at 00:01 AEST.

Has anyone else encountered this issue where their s hopify URL does not replicate the front end website URL?

We don’t understand what redirect is applying to our Cloudflare zone as described below…

Here is a copy of the conversation:

I understand that what we’re seeing is a change to the URLs in notifications. I do see that in your videos and I was able to replicate this by sending myself a test notification. However, this is a symptom of the situation and not the root of the issue.

We have spoken with the team at Cloudlfare to confirm what we have found here. They have confirmed that the URL is changing through their system, and when this happens the URL is breaking. It is possible that this is from a change made in either their system or ours rather than a change that you made yourself. But, it is not a change that we are able to undo from this side.

Cloudflare has confirmed to us that removing the configuration that applies the redirect to your Cloudflare Zone will correct this. Their Support Team can be contacted here, and will be able to help you with the process if you have any questions.

Alex T
Technical Specialist

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Hi @garrick,

Can you open a Support ticket and paste the ticket number here?
Please kindly attach screenshots of the trouble you are seeing and some steps like your provided Shopify Team to reproduce the trouble from Support’s end.

Thank you.

Hello @oshariff
Thank you for your message.
We cannot open a support ticket because we are on a free plan…
Is there another way I can send you the information at all?
Shopify seems to have created a change in their system with URL’s and this is creating a problem for ourselves and our customers which is obviously having an impact on trust and sales.

Hi @garrick,

I have opened ticket #2788832 for troubleshooting.
You should be getting it in your email soon.

Please respond back on that ticket.
Thank you.

Thank you.

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