Shopify not working with Cloudflare

I recently moved my Weebly domain over to Shopify. It mentions that I have Cloudflare Proxy enabled and Shopify does not support it. I’ve never used Cloudflare before directly.

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You need to set any hostnames that you are using with Shopify to :grey: DNS Only.

I believe I just did that, I just unchecked the box. Now it’s telling me to follow the steps to add new nameservers. Do I need to do this? I’m unfamiliar with any of this

Can you share your domain name so that Community members can query your public DNS?

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It looks fine to me. Though your domain is not on Cloudflare, but its Shopify DNS record looks good, and site loads.

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It’s warning me in my Shopify account that it will be affected if I don’t fix it. Not sure.

Since your domain isn’t using Cloudflare (it’s using Google DNS), you’ll have to check with Shopify why they’re warning you about that.

Will do!


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