Shopify not picking up records

Hello there,

So I use shopify for my clients website.
I am trying to set up “sender email” which you can see more on at the bottom of this page.

It gives me 4 CName records to add to cloudflare, which I have done for the domain and I can see them on their, on cloudflare.

You can see the records here, which i have blocked out some of the text just in case it is sensitive.

As you can see (other than the www record) the other 4 are there.

For some reason, shopify can’t establish these - and if I do a CName lookup online, it also doesn’t see them.

I read someone about CName Flattening could be the issue, but I can not disable this on cloudflare, the button is disabled.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Were you able to resolve this @andrew35?

I’m having this exact same issue. Wondering if anyone was able to solve it. @andrew35

@italerts Try :ngrey: the cname records