Shopify merchant needing access security

Apologies in advance if this question is misplaced.

I am wanting to restrict certain ips, countries and vpn/proxies from accessing my shopify store. Up to this point I have been using Shopify plug-ins for the task but they can only prevent further access to visitors after reaching the landing page. Would Cloudflare be able to tackle this?

As you can see I’m not very technical or all that familiar with hosting services in general, so if you could spare a few initial procedural steps to get me on the right path it would be really appreciated.

Thanks, Vik

Shopify already uses Cloudflare, and from what I’ve seen from other Shopify users, only Shopify controls those settings. Have you asked Shopify about this?

Yes, I spoke to them but it seems they wouldn’t be able to offer customized settings due to their shared server?

Would you happen to know an e-commerce platform I could use to integrate cloudflare with to get the job done?

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