Shopify is not receiving requests on this domain


A problem arises when I try to connect my domain from a 3rd party to Shopify. So far Shopify helpdesk advised to turn off DNSSEC, and clean out the old configuration settings of their SSL, which apperently also runs on cloudflare. They however claim I don’t use CLoudflare at the moment, so they reference back to Shopify, which on their part referenced me back to Cloudflare. I’m quite at a loss as to what action I could possibly take, any help would be very welcome.

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What’s your domain?

I can confirm that DNSSEC is disabled and that your DNS points to Shopify:

Ok, the answer I’ve received from Shopify is that the domain has been set up initially with Cloudflare, and that the old configuration needs to be reset/removed as to not to interfere with the SSL of Shopify. Is that possible?

Please ask Shopify to open a ticket with Cloudflare. Their Enterprise plan here includes 1-hour response time.

I’ve asked them to do so, but they stated they weren’t able to do so on my behalf. The following has transpired in the back-and-forth between TransIP and Shopify:


This is Joshua from TransIP BV (registrar). Our client holding the domain ‘’ is NOT using Cloudflare on this domain. He is using our nameservers (since 19 October), on which DNSSEC has been forcefully disabled now for a while (you can check that there is no DS-data signed on the zone on any checker you wish). Also, there is no SSL certificate for this domain in our systems.

Please dig/check the domain to see for yourselves the nameservers:
dig for:

TransIP BV"

" Thank you for sharing TransIP’s response with me. While they are technically correct that DNSSEC has been disabled, and that the nameservers being used are from TransIP, that isn’t where the issue lies.

Shopify uses Cloudflare to help provision domains linked to our platform, but as of right now there’s a previous Cloudflare integration still in place directing to a service that isn’t us. This is why the SSL checker I mentioned before shows it as Cloudflare, and the headers that load on the site are from Cloudflare.

We do not have the ability to request that Cloudflare make changes to your domains set up. We cannot ask them to remove or override the current SSL configuration as we are not the domain reseller, host, or owner. I referred you to TransIP as they are the host and if they were also using Cloudflare then they might have been capable of making such a request on your behalf.

If TransIP are adamant that they do not use Cloudflare then it is possible that the previous owner of this domain once used Cloudflare or had an integration through a previous host and as the current owner you have the ability to contact Cloudflare to request they remove the integration. You will need to contact Cloudflare directly to make the request to have the previous SSL certificates removed.

I understand that the difficulty in connecting your domain has made your overall Shopify experience less than ideal, however as their is no part of the Shopify platform directly interfering and/or malfunctioning, a refund for your previous months subscription is not something we will be able to provide.

Shopify Support"

Oh, but they are the host, as I pointed out early on with this:

This has been my last respons to Shopify. I’d like to thank you for your time, and willingness to help. The topic can be closed.

"I´ve added the response by Cloudflare. So both Cloudflare and TransIP suggest that it can be resolved by Shopify, while you are adament that that’s impossible. There’s been nothing but a back-and-forth so far, without any chance of resolvement. As been pointed out by both parties, I’m not using Cloudflare on my domain.

So yes, I will apply for a refund and cancel my subscription."

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The only language corporations understand :slight_smile: