Shopify - I Need To Disconnect My Shop. site from Shopify

How can I disconnect my www.Shop. sub-domain from being connected to Shopify. I was told by GoDaddy that I needed to contact CloudFlare… I Can’t Login To Shopify to disconnect on that side…

May I ask you what is your domain name?

Is your domain using Cloudflare service(s)?

Your Website content is hosted on Shopify?

GoDaddy said it was… I am not sure. Just know I can’t access shopify account.

Have you tried contacting Shopify Support or looking at Shopify Help Center?

Try sending an e-mail to [email protected].

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Yes I have… they have been absolutely NO help. I have tried resetting pw on my own and per their instructions, went through all the requested authentications… only to be told by the system I am not authorized to access the account. Then when I question them about it… they say they see me as the owner and with the email that I am using… They are billing my credit card every month but I can’t access it or disconnect it. Makes no sense at all.

If you cannot access Shopify account, I am afraid Cloudflare cannot help you here.
Cloudflare Team/Support can help you to accessing your Cloudflare account, but not Shopify one.

If you have an access to your domain, you can still switch nameservers to some other, or register new Cloudflare account and point to the new nameservers.
That way, your the content on your domain would change.

But, for Shopify, either you would need also to setup a new account for your domain or somehow contact the Shopify support.

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Okay I think that is what GoDaddy was suggesting when they directed me to Cloudfare…
They said that my domain is hosted here but If I had it moved bk to GoDaddy they could disconnect it on their end.

May I ask if you actually have an A or CNAME record at Cloudflare dashboard for your sub-domain, which should load shopify content?

Regarding www on your sub-domain, this article could be a solution for your issue also - make sure your CNAME record is :grey: cloud due to:

I am having a Redirect Issue… it is redirecting to the wrong.

What kind of?

From www to non-www or vice-cersa, or some other redirection issue?
Is it for the main page only or all pages at your domain?

Regarding redirection issues, here are some step-by-step instructions to follow up and re-check:

As this is Shopify, your Cloudflare account is hardly involved, short of plain DNS records. All web traffic will go straight to your Shopify account that Shopify proxies through Cloudflare.

The easiest way to disconnect your site is to have your domain registrar change your name servers to the ones GoDaddy recommends. Shopify billing will certainly be an issue, though.

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