Shopify Error: Your domain doesn't permit GlobalSign to provision SSL certificates

Getting this error on shopify for a domain owned from non cloudflare registrar. Domain is managed for DNS via cloudflare

I have added new CAA records via cloudflare but still keep getting this error.

I would appreciate any help regarding this

Hi @manoj7

I believe that can be related with this:

Have a look if it’s the solution that you are trying to implement.

Shopify issues SSL/TLS certificates for merchant domains using Let’s Encrypt. If you add any DNS CAA records, you must select Let’s Encrypt as the Certificate Authority (CA) or HTTPS connections may fail.

Take care!

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I’ve been having the same issue. I contacted shopify and they say that you shouldn’t need to add a CAA record. I went ahead and added a CAA record for globalsign just to see if the problem went away. Sure enough it did. I was curious if that was the solution so I removed it and now the issue is back. I’m not sure whats going on with Shopify and Cloudflare since the issue only recently started happening to me and others it seems.

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