Shopify Domain is through cloudfare

I bought a Domain from Shopify but my Domain isn’t working the set up doesn’t look like the set up I created. I contacted Shopify and they are staying that the Domain is going through cloudfare and you guys are the only ones who can fix it. My domain name is please help.

Of course it’s going through Cloudflare. Shopify is a Cloudflare partner. And your site is working. I’m not sure what the question is.

This is the message they sent me.

“Amelia brought me up to speed on the issues you’re having with your storefront having issues with the SSL setup and the storefront looking different than set. We’ve checked through this on our end and it looks like there is currently an issue with the setup of the domain. We’re seeing the DNS records as being correctly setup, however the domain itself looks to be directing to a different service that is displaying content. This is usually caused by Cloudflare having a setup still in place on their end from a previous service for the domain, and since we use Cloudflare with our systems the requests are going to them and they’re directing the connect as they see it on their end.”

My website doesn’t look like that either I don’t know why the store looks like that it has none of my products or fonts or colors or anything that I created.

That sometimes happens when people use some other Cloudflare partner. But Shopify is a high-roller here with immediate Cloudflare Support. They need to use their connections at Cloudflare to fix this.

They said they can’t do anything about it and to contact cloudflare

This is what my store is supposed to look like.

They can. If they can’t get you what you paid for, I suggest you find another company to do business with.

This is the message they sent me

"I definitely understand where you’re coming from on this and your need for us to reach out on your behalf to Cloudflare. We wouldn’t be able to contact them as this type of issue would need to be resolved through a request from you as the domain owner. This is typically resolved through directly modifying any previous account in place or working with their support team to remove any old configuration and us as a third-party would be limited in our options.

For some reference, I’ve found this community post on Cloudflare that goes over a similar issue to the one you’re seeing with an old configuration on their end likely being stuck. Their support teams should be able to assist further in reviewing for any old configurations in place that would be causing conflicts. We’ve also confirmed that the www subdomain is redirecting to your storefront as expected (when redirection is turned off), so the issue looks to be specific to the root domain for

I hope that helps provide some further guidance on this and next steps. In this process our options would be very limited as it would depend on configurations through Cloudflare that we don’t have access to, however it is expected that any old configurations would be removed especially when a domain transitions to a new owner. Everything we see on our end is indicating the domain is setup correctly, however our headers aren’t appearing on the storefront, which is a sign that the old configuration may still be in place."

I don’t understand what’s going on so neither of you can do it?

Have you ever had an account at Cloudflare?

No This is my first time creating a website and I did it through shopify

Then I don’t know why they (a Cloudflare Enterprise customer), are directing you (never a Cloudflare customer) to go to Cloudflare to get the Shopify product you paid for to work.

It’s like renting a car and the Check Engine Light turns on, and the rental agency tells you to take the car to the Ford dealer to get it fixed (they’ll pay for it).

The people you pay for the product need to make sure the product works. Not send you on a wild goose chase, which is what this will be because if you try to open a ticket here, Cloudflare will send you right back here to the Community.

I’ll try contacting them again to tell them what you said maybe someone else there could help me.

Thank you for your time.

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Here’s how a competent Cloudflare Enterprise partner gets stuff done:


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