Shopify DNS vs Cloudflare old issue - Ticket 2403135

I signed up for paid Pro account for ( so I could have this resolved. Ticket 2403135

Our previous Cloudflare account for ( is blocking migration to Shopify. We were trying to use to redirect to new Shopify site. That was not working so I moved DNS to Shopify. Site still not redirecting and now email not arriving with Shopify DNS.

We used a free Cloudflare account after a DOS attack but removed from Cloudflare last year. just removed records for after transfer to Shopify.

I have submitted additional ticket 2403135 and paid for Cloudflare PRO account after first ticket rejected because I did not have paid account.

Please remove old registers and remove the old SSL/DNS configuration. I believe the account was not correctly closed in Cloudflare.

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Hi @justin14 Support can assist as long as they can verify ownership. I see your ticket and reply from my colleague. I’ll keep an eye out there to ensure we do the needful. Sorry for the issue and thank you for visiting the Community today.


For future readers of this thread, there is no need for a paid Cloudflare account. If Shopify are having problems onboarding your domain and say this is due to Cloudflare, they can get this resolved on your behalf with their Enterprise support.


Hi @domjh - you are not correct.

Most Shopify users are not on Shopify Enterprise which cost thousands of dollars a month. We are on $300 a month Shopify Advanced plan which is NOT integrated with Cloudflare. Shopify support for Shopify DNS at Advanced level is not going to bother reach out to Cloudflare for you. I started a support ticket with Shopify on Friday morning - it was escalated to higher level team that apparently does not work weekends and we were told there was no deadline for any response or action from Shopify on our issue. So no - you cannot count on Shopify DNS support to do anything unless you are paying for thousands of $ a month for Shopify Enterprise.

Cloudflare support also will not respond to you if you do not have a paid account. (Cloudflare should end free service btw if they will not help fix legacy issues with free account.) We would gladly pay Cloudflare to have them remove old registers associated with Our Shopify DNS has not managed to redirect traffic to our new Shopify account because of old Cloudflare registers blocking the change. Please someone at Cloudflare just erase old registers connected with I am now a paying Cloudflare customer.


I’m afraid this is Shopify’s issue. They absolutely can get this resolved with Cloudflare and they should be enabling users to use their platform by doing this.

This is correct, however Shopify do have a paid account and Cloudflare has an agreement with them in place to handle issues like this.

You are certainly welcome to pay Cloudflare to fix issues like this if you feel that Shopify won’t, however I’m just making it clear to other readers that there is no requirement to do so. Shopify have the means to support their own product and that is where people facing a similar issue should go.

Hi @cloonan

Thanks for all your help and response on the community pages. I registered as with my new Cloudflare account. I am registered owner and admin with Shopify DNS - who has not been useful at all besides quickly transferring the account without warning. Stay away from Shopify DNS.

How can I show ownership of I can make Whois Public on Shopify DNS



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@domjh This is the response yesterday from Shopify when they told me in the afternoon their tech team was leaving for the weekend. So I have to wait for the weekend plus 1 to 3 days or maybe more for them to respond to my urgent issue that emails and website down for 40 person nonprofit.

Mike (Support Advisor): Right, so from reviewing that ticket, I can see the escalation and it’s still marked as open at the moment. In terms of turnaround time, that specific department is currently closed at the moment. Escalations can often take 1 to 3 business days to be resolved, although it can sometimes take longer - just making sure you’re aware that this has been sent over to the right department and that it will take more time to be addressed in full.

Hi Justin!

Sorry about the trouble on this. This is something we can take care of if you follow up on my ticket reply from yesterday afternoon.


Hi Scott

Thanks for reaching out and your ticket from Saturday. I replied and tried to verify ownership with TXT file at our current DNS. SSL Checker says Cloudflare legacy registers still controlling direction to Is there anything else I can do to move this along?

@justin14 - I’m about ready to move my domain name registration from bluehost to Cloudflare and one of them is currently pointing to shopify’s servers. Is this the same thing you had and now are having issues getting it to work?
If so - is there anything I can do BEFORE I move this over to Cloudflare?

  • Don’t change your nameservers until after you add it to your cf account
  • Make sure DNSSEC is not enabled at the former registrar
  • Bonus points make sure the site is working with https set cf to Full (Strict)

Sorry for the pain on this, at part of reselling SSL for SaaS solution, our partners need to maintain the relationship with you, our teams cannot see domain ownership and can only assist in instances where we can, the steps are designed to protect our customers.

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oh man…this isn’t good. Pretty much everything except the first line makes ZERO sense to me.

    • don’t change name servers until after I add to cf account
      – add what? You mean before I transfer the site?
  1. Make sure DNSSEC is not enabled
    – where would I find this information? I’ve registered my domain via bluehost but I think they use a 3rd party. I don’t see anything like this under my domain on c-panel under DNS or security.

  2. https settings
    – again sorry - no clue what this means or where to even start. Do I look at Shopify for this? Bluehost?

Ugh…I’m really worried about this. So over my head and this really shouldn’t be that hard. I just don’t want to stay with Bluehost but ugh…this isn’t good either.

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I don’t think you will have the same issue. I was moving to Shopify for store and Shopify DNS from Hover. There was old an account on Cloudflare for SSL that had not been closed correctly and so the old Cloudflare SSL Certificates had not been deleted and were interfering. Shopify DNS is not great at helping if you have an issue. Cloudflare tech solved issue after a couple days.

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Sorry, I’d not processed this line fully. I’d read that as wanting to move a domain to Cloudflare Registrar. If so, this doc will be helpful,

When adding a site to Cloudflare, these are the normal steps you’d follow,

I’ve successfully moved 2 of my domains to CF already. None of my domains have a website except the one pointing to Shopify’s servers using their website template.

I’m easy peasy! Except for that little Shopify issue. :crossed_fingers:

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