Shopify & Cloudflare

Hi, our website was previously on WordPress and the DNS was going through Cloudflare and everything was fine. However, we had to switch from WordPress to Shopify. Our domain name is with GoDaddy and Shopify has a autoconnect feature with GoDaddy but it wasn’t working because the nameservers were from Cloudflare so we had to change it to the default GoDaddy nameservers and it connected. I’d still like my Shopify website to go through Cloudflare. Anyone facing this same issue or any solutions? Thank you.

Shopify automatically routes your site through Cloudflare using their settings. You wouldn’t be able to layer your own Cloudflare settings over that.

By any chance, is there a help article that you’re maybe aware of to set that up?

If this is what you’re trying to do, you’ll have to get that information from GoDaddy and/or Shopify. And Shopify will go through Cloudflare, just as if you were using Cloudflare name servers.

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