Shopify & Cloudflare problem

We do not have and account with cloudflare but our eshop in Shopify get a screen that says " Your connection needs to be verified before you proceed" and has the Cloudflare logo.

Afterwards the screen freeses and this happens to different computers, browsers and different IPs. What is going on? We need imediate help. Our business is affected 100% and we are loosing customerts.

(See attached image)

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

I just loaded your site without any visible Cloudflare challenge from several Linux, Windows, and Mac OS devices in different locations, including one connection from the TOR network…

The usual suggestions apply: try from an incognito session and test from a browser profile with no adblock or other privacy extensions, disable VPN, etc.

Beyond that, there isn’t going to be anything Cloudflare or the Community can do for you other than suggest that work with Shopify and your own developers or support staff to identify what issue is affecting your passage of the Cloudflare Turnstile challenge.

Thank you for your reply.

We have tried all the “ususal suggestions” but nothing works unfortunately.

I will try again with Shopify.

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