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I’ve just found the article, that Cloudflare partnered with Shopify recently. It means, that Shopify merchants should set their DNS to “grey cloud” only because Cloudflare is used automatically. (

Do somebody know, what is the right setup to use CF with Shopify?
DNS must be set up as @ to according to Shopify.
How can then be Cloudflare enabled? It is clear, that this is a Shopify IP and not Cloudflare one.

If it is somehow working (which I don’t understand how), what about Argo? Is Argo still making any difference, or will Argo be globally deployed as a “part of service” for Shopify?


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CANT change the www Cname status

I would say “they transferred ownership of that IP address to Cloudflare” if an orange cloud means you get a 10xx error, as the article says, however, if I go and make a proxied :orange: A record right now to that IP I do not get a 10xx error. Maybe this is something they’re working on, but I’m sure there will be no service interruption during the migration.

Argo is “custom pricing” for Enterprise customers (which is what Shopify is) so this remains a mystery. cc @cscharff.


Thank you Judge. It looks like it is not deployed yet. I don’t have any error 11xx even if I use proxy. The article is a bit unclear about the timing of deployment…
Maybe someone from Cloudflare product team would be kind enough to answer about Argo, CF Apps and workers as well :slight_smile:

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Y’all will need to ask Shopify how, what, where, why they’re offering to their customers. Even if I did know, it’s not my business to describe the performance and/or security configuration of a customer to an outside party. I realize that may not be a satisfying answer, but they really will be the best to answer what they are offering (it may be an evolving solution over time, so what they want to tout, roll out first would really be on them).

When/if they ask us to collaborate on public KB articles or blog posts I’m sure we’ll be happy to. But at the moment Shopify will be the best to answer any questions about their setup/config. :slight_smile:

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