Shopify + Cloudflare (Let's Encrypt) SSL


As we know, Shopify uses Cloudflare and provides free managed certificates to its customers. Let’s assume I have an online store with Let’s Encrypt certificate Shopify acquired on my behalf, the zone is hosted at Cloudflare, but Shopify-related records (@ and www. are greyclouded). Everything works as expected.

Then, I’m adding another website to the zone (say, I set this domain to orange cloud and configure Cloudflare’s managed SSL.

Wouldn’t Let’s Encrypt revoke the first certificate issued to Shopify if I do this? Since both are for the same wildcard subject. Or Cloudflare would realize it’s the same subject (but different tenants) and re-use the private key it already has from Shopify?

Thank you!

Hi @emeliyanov,

I don’t think there should be any issue here. More than one wildcard certificate can exist for a domain, for example I have a wildcard Let’s Encrypt certificate on my server and Cloudflare also has one for the proxies. There should be a different certificate used, not the Shopify one.

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Makes sense, thank you @domjh

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