Shopify, Cloudflare, and Service Workers

I’m a bit upset, because I only just found and read this post today, after being notified by a client that half their website was down:

The tl;dr of that post is that, if you were using Cloudflare before with Shopify, you may now only use it for DNS (in gray cloud mode).

We use and pay for Cloudflare Service Workers. We also use Shopify for some websites. It would seem that all orange clouds for our Shopify domains were switched to gray without notification. And so, half a site went down, without anyone noticing immediately; it depended on the orange cloud, and we’d not changed the setting, so what was happening?

Why would Cloudflare change the setting from orange to gray without notification? Even with a Shopify partnership in place, one would hope that, if Page Rules or Service Workers were active, one should give the website owner a chance to prepare for such a change.

I have currently switched the cloud from gray back to orange. I am nervous, because you indicate in the aforementioned article that doing so should generate a 10xx error. Thankfully, this is not currently the case. As I said, we need time to deal with this. I am not entirely sure if I wish to continue with either Shopify or Cloudflare when they make changes to my account, without notice, even while continuing to bill me. I have trusted Cloudflare since you first entered this space, in 2010 was it? I feel this to be a serious breach of trust, changing such a setting without notification that affects live websites.

Is there a path going forward to use Service Workers on a website that is also, at least partially, hosted by Shopify? Or will this now be completely impossible? Why were we not notified of the change from orange to gray cloud, especially given that Service Workers were clearly active on this account?

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