Shopify and WooCommerce cache conflict


I recently moved from Shopify to Woocommerce buy my shop still shows up the old Shopify version. I asked the support to resolve the problem but the couldn’t as I had deleted my shop hoping it would clear the cache but it didn’t. They told me to contact Cloudflare support, seems I don’t have access to any support system except this community.
My website is: and this is the last response from Shopify support staff:

Thanks for waiting. I can see that the store is cancelled and the domain is not connected on our end. The store was then marked as dead by Alexine, who reached out on Saturday to confirm. In this case I would recommend reaching out to couldfare, as marking the store as dead is as much as we can do when the domain is no longer connected.

Disabling the Cloudflare proxy will fix the problem but I need it to stay turned on. It’s been about 4 days since I moved the shop.

Any help would be appreciated

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